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University Concept at School

FLEXA, the academic system of Vizyon College, provides the flexibility that a university provides to its students in order to improve their self-management skills and increase their learning motivation. In this respect, FLEXA, the original 21st century education model of Vizyon College, is cited as an example to the world by international education authorities. The American officials of U.S.-based International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), the world's largest educational technology organization, and academics of Arizona State University (ASU), one of the international authorities in the field of educational sciences, examined the 21st century education model FLEXA on site and inspected it according to ISTE standards. Our education model FLEXA received full marks from the authorities as a powerful and innovative education model and was shown among the examples that will inspire the transformation of education in the world.

6 Period Academic System

The planning of an academic year at Vizyon College is done similarly to universities in the U.S. and some other top countries.

An academic year includes 6 periods, of 6 weeks each. Three of these periods are completed in the first semester and the other three are completed in the second semester.

In this way, academic planning at Vizyon College is done periodically, not annually. The academic status of the school, the academic development of the students and the teacher performances are reviewed in every period, and the system is continuously improved, updated and developed with high quality feedback.

Academic studies conducted in each 6-week period consist of 6 processes in themselves. These processes are named Teach, Assess, Complete, Reinforce, Speed Up and Preserve respectively.

The first stage is the Teaching process. The lectures in the period curriculum are completed in this process. Process Assessment Exam (SIS) is applied after the lectures are completed. With this exam, which is prepared and evaluated by Sebit, the most powerful assessment and evaluation institution in Turkey, in every period, the learning outcome performances of the students in the teaching process are measured, and individualized studies and achievement completion studies are carried out according to SIS results. Students who have compensated for their lacking learning outcomes, participate in reinforcement and acceleration activities where they can transform their gains into skills. These studies are applied as tests and pilot exams in the classes where national exam preparation is made. Homework, structured with the Modular Homework System, ensures that previous subjects are repeated regularly. Period Completion Exams (PTS) are held in the last week of each period.

Cabinet Classroom System

At Vizyon College, students go to the classroom of the course they will take, like a university student.

We attach great importance to students being responsible for their own learning and being the party that demands learning. We are aware of the contribution this provides to the motivation to learn. For this reason, starting from the 5th grade, the cabinet classroom system is applied at Vizyon College. In this model, branch teachers prepare customized classrooms for the relevant course and accept students in these classrooms. Students go to the classroom of the course they will take in accordance with their course schedule, as is the case in universities.

Cabinet classroom system improves the performance of teachers. With this system, the teacher, who has a room of his own, organizes his room with the materials of his lesson in the best way, pays more attention to his lesson and class, builds the design of the learning environment by themselves, and always meets their students in a more equipped way, and has the opportunity to easily access any material they need. All classrooms turn into laboratories.

The cabinet classroom system allows students to go to the teacher's room for the lesson, and the student becomes "the one who demands to learn." The natural result of this, is motivation and self-confidence. The student gets rid of the monotony of sitting in the same row. In the classroom, students can gain more access to course materials and have the opportunity to practice with the materials.

The School That Doesn't Ring the Bell

At Vizyon College, which aims to improve students' "self-management" skills and see them choose to be the party that demands to learn, the school bell does not ring at the beginning or at the end of lessons. Students develop the ability to manage their own time from the first year onwards.

Modular Homework and Etude System

At Vizyon College, students take an active role in structuring the homework and study processes, which are important components of learning. At Vizyon College, homework is given in a systematic order with an understanding that we call the Modular Homework System. According to this system, teachers prepare homework in a way that can be completed in approximately 15 minutes, each of which we call a module. The homework load of students varies according to the class, and the larger the class, the higher the homework amount becomes. For each class, it is determined how many modules of which course will be taught weekly and students are notified in advance. For example, a 3rd grade student has a homework plan consisting of 2 daily (10 weekly) modules, while a 7th grade student has 6 daily (30 weekly) modules as homework. In other words, in the Modular Homework System, both teachers and students have a predetermined weekly and daily homework schedule and planning. Vizyon College students, as individuals who take responsibility for learning, can request etude studies electronically from any teacher they want. These requests are evaluated by academic units, and etude study assignments are made over the system in the form of one-on-one or small group etude studies.

Professional Life Competencies

At Vizyon College, students actively use and internalize Microsoft Office programs such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote, starting from the 5th grade and become advanced, certified users over the years. Our students acquire these skills, which will be needed in university and professional life afterwards, during their secondary school years.

English Preparatory

English education is the leading field where Vizyon College is most ambitious in and makes a difference.

At Vizyon College (as of 2018), the English Preparatory Class is applied in 5th and 9th grades, aiming for students to reach B1 in secondary school and B2 in high school. The development of the English program and language competencies of the students are measured and certified with Cambridge ESOL exams. One of the important aims of these programs, is that the students of Vizyon College, who are high school graduates, are able to graduate at a proficiency level that means they do not need to attend preparatory classes at university.