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Tech-Friendly School

Intelligent and Efficient Use of Technology Strengthens Education, Raises Success

While children represent 20% of the population today, they are 100% of our future. We have to prepare our children for the future with the education of the future. We assert that education and training in the 21st century should not be limited to traditional tools and methods. From our perspective, using technology smartly and efficiently in education is one of the main responsibilities of every educator and educational institution today.

This page explains how smart and efficient use of technology in education increases the quality and success of education, as well as shows what will be deprived of education without technological support. With the educational technologies we have today, it is possible to do much more than what is described on this page...

At Vizyon College

  • We enrich education with digital content powered by artificial intelligence.
  • At Vizyon College, students and teachers use both traditional materials and digital content in the most efficient way.
  • With cloud technologies, students and teachers are interacting anytime, anywhere.
  • Every student must have an internet connection and a suitable computer or tablet at home.
  • Students can come to school with their notebooks and books, as well as their tablets or laptops, if they wish.
  • The school has a safe and controlled internet network application.

With Technology...

Students Learn Faster

The course contents enriched with technological interactive visuals turn learning into an experience. Enriched learning experiences increase students' interest in content. The human brain learns the things it is interested in much easier and memorizes it in a short time. This situation increases the student's self-confidence in learning. Thanks to the shortened lecture and learning times, students have time to transform knowledge into skills with different practices and activities. The ultimate goal of education is to transform knowledge into skill.

We Assess Better, we make education personal

As a 21st century school, Vizyon College has the ability to use technology intelligently and efficiently in education. At Vizyon College, the project school of Sebit, Turkey's most powerful learning technologies institution, the learning processes of students are measured with Artificial Intelligence Technologies at the level of learning outcomes and sub-outcomes. In other words, we can see not only what outcome our student is not able to comprehend, but also what outcomes that were not achieved in previous years have caused this situation, and we can produce permanent solutions with the Modular Homework System, Process Monitoring Exams and individualized etude studies.

Students' Motivation and Confidence Rises

Technology-supported education methods and digital contents bring students together with content and methods suitable for their own learning style and speed, enrich their learning environment, and make learning independent of time and place. Technology-supported assessment and evaluation infrastructure produces individual solutions to learning difficulties. In this way, even if someone in the class learns faster, no one is left behind or disconnected from the class. Everyone in the classroom has a high motivation to learn. This provides learning synergy and dynamism in the classroom. For this reason, Vizyon College students come to school and leave school happy.

Learning Communication and Cooperation Increases

Working in communication, sharing and cooperation, which are some of the most important skills of the 21st century, are the lifestyle of Vizyon College students. With digital notebooks, students and teachers stay in constant communication with each other. They can do many studies jointly without time and space limitations. These opportunities also make Peer Learning, which is one of the most important learning styles, a natural part of the education.

Students Gain More Skills

People working in today's professional world need to use many Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and OneNote in a qualified manner. Vizyon College, which is shown as an example to the world as Microsoft Showcase School, has used Microsoft Office software as the main platform in their education, and our students start to use these programs at an advanced and qualified level as of the 5th grade. When Vizyon College students graduate, they are better equipped than most of the average university graduates in our country.

Education is Safer

The technology also provides high security and control capability in the school. Protective firewall applications prevent students from accessing unwanted sites while at school. Teachers can see the screens of all students in the classroom at the same time, they can control, restrict or turn off the screens if they wish. Teachers and parents can review students' smart notebooks whenever and wherever they want, or they can review performance reports of educational software used by students. So, technology brings both security and transparency to the school.

School Becomes Transparent, School-Parent Cooperation Grows Stronger 

Thanks to cloud technologies, parents can instantly access from any device they choose, from anywhere much of the information about their students, such as success, absenteeism, study, homework performance, participation in events. School-Parent cooperation, which is an important component of success, takes place at the highest level in this monitoring, reporting and information sharing environment.