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Strong Collaborations and R&D Infrastructure


Microsoft has accredited Vizyon College as “Showcase School”. Vizyon College is exemplified around the world as a 21st century school.

Microsoft, which worldwide is the leading technology firm that most invests in education, directly supports the technology-backed 21st century education applications that are implemented at Vizyon College as part of showcase program.

The “Smart Use of Technology” project, launched with collaboration between Vizyon College and Microsoft, aims to develop more successful students by actively using technology in education. As part of the project, which contributes to the digitalization of our schools, Microsoft operating system and applications are actively used in every field of our educational activities. Latest technology programs like the class management system VCLASS, Office Mix, OneNote, Office365 make possible to directly use 21st century skills in a classroom environment.


SEBİT, which is the largest educational technology firm in Turkey, ranks within the top five institutions across the world in this field. The infrastructure for educational technologies at Vizyon College is set up by SEBİT as part of the project school program.

The digital educational content and assessment and evaluation infrastructure of Vizyon College is set up and coordinated by SEBİT, the largest educational technologies and assessment and evaluation institution in Turkey, as part of the Project School collaboration. The Process Tracking Exam (SİS) which is held in regular periods of six weeks, is analyzed by ODTÜ Teknokent-based SEBİT experts, and the results are transferred to Vizyon College. High-quality questions that are specially prepared for the academic system of Vizyon College, Flexa, assess the students' learning grades at achievement and sub-achievement levels. The extra classes, studies and homework that students require are planned according to the results.

VİTAMİN, V-CLOUD and RAUNT, all of which the teachers and students love to use, are digital learning platforms developed by SEBİT.