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Positive Education Practices

Positive Education Practices at Vizyon College

In Vizyon College's vision of education at Vizyon College, it is essential to develop students' self-management skills, instead of disciplining and educating students with external guidance (i.e., reward and punishment). "Positive education" is the name given to this point of view.

A positive education approach is realized by adopting and developing positive discipline practices. Educators who adopt positive discipline put the student at the center, and focus on using and developing the student's own resources and gaining self-management skills. Thus, children can control their own behavior, try solutions to solve their problems, and develop a positive self-perception about themselves while learning social rules.

There is a purpose at the heart of every behavior and a triggering emotion. Therefore, positive discipline stands for recognizing and structuring the purpose and emotion that caused the behavior to surface, instead of the behavior itself.

The acquisition of "critical thinking", which is the most important of the 21st century skills, is directly related to the development of individuals' self-management skills. For students who grow up needing external guidance (in form of reward and punishment) to act and make the right decision, it is not possible to develop the ability to make decisions using empathy, in cause-and-effect relationships. Therefore, positive discipline approach must be at the center of education and the educator.

What is the Benefit of Positive Education Approach to Students?

Positive education and discipline practices support students to;

  • Be healthier physically and mentally,
  • Be individuals who have control on their situation and their own learning process
  • Have high intrinsic motivation,
  • Have positive and optimistic feelings about their future,
  • Reveal their potential and use them to the maximum,
  • Express themselves well,
  • Develop their creativity,
  • Be individuals who can establish good relations with their socially developed environment.

What is the Benefit of Positive Education Approach to Teachers?

It enables the teachers to;

  • Have effective classroom management,
  • Provide quality communication with students,
  • Make them respected as the leader in learning.

What Does a Vizyon College Teacher Do within the Scope of Positive Discipline?

  • Unconditionally accepts, values and respects all students,
  • Uses expressions to develop children's self-esteem,
  • Takes care to listen effectively, approaches earnestly and sincerely,
  • Expresses positive feelings about the student non-verbally,
  • Recognizes and appreciates effort, recognizes and appreciates cooperative behavior,
  • Plans educational experiences for students to be successful, taking into account their own capacities,
  • Creates opportunities where students have options,
  • Behaves calmly in the face of problems,
  • Evaluates from the point of view of the child, not from his / her point of view while judging a problem,
  • While expressing negative behavior, focuses on behavior, not personality,
  • Uses encouragement instead of words of praise,
  • While determining the rules, discusses with the students and includes their expectations and suggestions.