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Educational Vision

Eğitim VizyonuOur school's mission is to “Equip our students with the knowledge and skills that will help them be happy and successful individuals throughout their lives.” Our school has determined two main goals in order to fulfill its mission. All of our work is to help us reach these goals.

1. To provide and develop the intellectual, social and emotional skills that are key to success throughout life
2. To provide and develop the tools and skills that are required for academic success

Intellectual, social, emotional skills are processes that help develop an individual's core skills to success in life. These skills teach us the skills we all need for efficiently and ethically deal with ourselves, our relationships and our work. These skills involve identifying and controlling our emotions, developing interest and care in other people, building positive relationships, being able to make decisions which we can take the responsibility and handling challenging situations in a constructive and ethical way. These skills enable indivuals to calm down when they are angry, to make friends, to resolve conflicts in a respectable manner, to make decisions that are ethical and safe, to lead a happy life; they are the skills that make it possible to be successful throughout life anywhere in the world.

We deeply care about our students receiving high successes in national exams, English language proficiency exams and in university years, we aim to provide them with the skills that can realize these goals. In order for students to reach their academical success goals, 3 competency fields are centered upon. These are Turkish, Mathematics and English. Research shows that students who have achieve competence in these fields can attain success in the fields of social studies and sciences.


Academic success becomes effective throughout life with personal development skills. With this understanding, it is within the goals of Vizyon College that every student can play an instrument, has deep knowledge and skill in at least one art and sport, and can communicate in at least one more language other than English.