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4x4 Preparation for University

Strong Preparation for National Exams

The main features that make Vizyon College superior and different in national exam preparation education are;

1. Digital content, assessment and evaluation tools specially prepared for Vizyon College by Sebit, the largest producer of educational content in Turkey.
2. Periodic process monitoring exams, etude studies, screening tests, national mock exams led by experienced exam coaches.
3. "Performance Enhancing Trainings" for high success such as speed-reading techniques, advanced memory techniques, chronometric test studies, that will make a difference in the exam.
4. Mentor teacher support, study plans specific to learning styles, individual learning outcome tracking and etude planning, individual performance tracking, psychological support and stress management and individual practices to increase the success of students.

University Preparatory School

Prepare for your ideal department with a strong and ambitious program.

A Vizyon College student is a university candidate from the 9th grade. For this reason, we call high school, a "University Preparatory School". The university preparatory school program is implemented in 11th and 12th grades with a special content focused on high success, called ExamPLUS. In the ExamPLUS program, each student is monitored and guided by a professional "Exam Coach" who specializes in university exams. There is absolutely no need for students to take special courses, guidance, counseling and similar supplements outside of school. Since all educational activities will be carried out in the school, the student can allocate extra-class hours to his family, social life and personal development.

Advantages of the ExamPLUS Program

  • Intensive exam program
  • Course experienced professional staff
  • Technology supported lectures with LiseGO
  • Periodic screening tests
  • Mock exams
  • Individualized learning plans
  • Exam coaches
  • Etude lessons
  • High-end campus facilities
  • Rich publication and material support
  • Unlimited question banks


Focus on lifelong success with high-end campus facilities!

Personal development benefits are key to lifelong success. Vizyon College Preparatory School provides strong preparation for both exams and careers. A more qualified exam preparation training than courses is provided, while the personal, cultural and social developments of the students are also followed within the scope of a special program. Our aim is not to place students at universities in some way. For Vizyon College, success is to prepare its students for the exam for their ideal profession and university, while at the same time helping them to start life as cultured, well-equipped, highly self-confident, world-class adults with healthy mindsets.

Personal Development Benefits

  • Memory techniques
  • Speed-reading
  • Effective communication techniques
  • Research techniques
  • Preparing, and making, effective presentations
  • Academic CV preparation
  • Official correspondence
  • Time management
  • Entrepreneurship

 Global Vision

Think big! Study your ideal department in Turkey or abroad!

Vizyon College students are trained with the capacity and self-confidence to receive their ideal education both in Turkey and anywhere in the world as a result of their qualified education, their command of the English language and their high-level personal development skills. Our students are always encouraged to be visionary and courageous in this regard. For this purpose, it is ensured that our students' career maps are created with a global vision by providing qualified information about university education abroad to our students and parents during high school period. Students who graduate from Vizyon College can apply to prestigious universities in America, England, Canada, Australia and the European Union. The enrollment of our students to the contracted universities abroad, if they prefer, is made by Vizyon College.

Foreign education support

  • Overseas University promotions and preference counseling
  • Support for placement in hundreds of universities in the U.K., U.S.A., Canada, Australia and the European Union
  • Opportunity to study the desired department at prestigious universities
  • Possibility to get conditional admission from universities even before graduation
  • Professional support in registration, visa, travel, welcoming and accommodation organizations.