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Vision is Necessary First for Lifetime Success

As a result of the incredible technological and social changes happening in our times, 65% of the children who are students today, in their adulthood, will have to work in professions that do not exist today, and moreover, they will have to change jobs, professions and even countries many times throughout their lives. For such a dynamic future, education must be built on the vision of "Lifelong Success". We believe that the only competitive skill is the ability to learn, and we argue that the main task of education is to teach children how to learn. As Vizyon College, we know very well that individuals who have learned to learn will make a difference in the future. In the 21st century, creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills must be developed for a qualified and successful life. The most characteristic feature of the education model we have created for this purpose is that it is flexible, it supports mobility at school and in the classroom, and targets lifelong success in education with active learning.