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Primary School

The Seeds of 21st Century Skills Are Being Planted in Primary School.

In the 21st century, creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills must be developed for a qualified and successful life. Our primary school program is based on this main idea.

As a result of the incredible technological and social changes experienced today, 65% of children who are students today will have to do professions that do not exist today in their adulthood, and moreover, they will have to change jobs, professions and even countries many times throughout their lives. For such a dynamic future, education has to be built on the vision of "Lifelong Success".

We believe that the only competitive skill is the ability to learn, and we argue that the main task of education is to teach children how to learn.

As Vizyon College, we know very well that individuals who have learned to learn will make a difference in the future. In the 21st century, creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills must be developed for a qualified and successful life. The most characteristic feature of the education model we have created for this purpose and named FLEXA is that it is flexible, supports mobility in school and classroom, and aims at lifelong success in education with active learning.

Visionary Active Learning Environments

We Provide Vision to Children with Active Learning Environments.

We do not believe in the effectiveness of passive educational environments consisting of students who are silenced with old methods and orderly listen to lectures.

The modern world requires information to be processed more and more effectively. The gap between what children are taught and what they actually need to learn is growing every day, with every lesson. We are aware that in this century of intense competition, we need more participatory, more collaborative, more flexible and more productive learning environments.

In our opinion, education in the 21st century school should be dynamic and flexible at all times. With this understanding, we support dynamism and personalized approaches both in the use of the physical facilities of the school, in lesson planning and in academic progress.

We are trying to create "learning noise" in classrooms.

One of the most fundamental principles of Vizyon College's education approach is that learning environments are flexible and mobile. The teacher is no longer the person who teaches, but the person who leads learning, "transforms learning into design". We call the sound coming out of the classrooms where learning together turns into experience and vision, "learning noise". Our students naturally acquire 21st century skills in enjoyable learning environments with the social self-confidence of moving freely in the classroom.

Primary Years Program

The Primary Years Program Holistically Structures Education From Age 4 to Grade 4.

Vizyon College first primary years program is focused on a thematic approach. Thematic approach handles concepts in a whole by bringing together and associating different disciplines within the framework of selected themes.

As part of this program, teachers and students are encouraged to look at the world that surrounds them in new and different ways. Thematic learning is also an important way to transform scientific and investigative thinking into behavior in children. Our program is structured with effective learning methods and project-based studies. Effective learning methods require the active use of all senses, which realizes permanent and real learning through the experiences the child has acquired.

Our program is based on a positive adult-child relationship.

Children in this age group express themselves more comfortably in an atmosphere based on positive communication and cooperation. They easily learn positive social communication skills. Acceptance in a nurturing environment of respect, patience and clear rules, improves social emotional skills and self-esteem.

One academic year in Flexa Primary Years Program consists of 6 periods.

In each period, a main theme and a unit associated with that theme and the outcomes supporting the unit are designed as a whole from kindergarten to 4th grade. 21st Century skills take the center of education.

Primary School English Program

The purpose of the primary school English program is;

  • To create awareness of communicating in another language
  • To create sympathy towards the English language and motivation to learn;
  • To complete English literacy training
  • To prepare the student for the intensive English preparatory program in 5th grade.

Primary school English teaching method;

The basic philosophy of teaching English in our school is based on the fact that language is a social entity. A student who takes an English course should enjoy doing this, see the connection of every work he does with real life, and make English a natural part of his / her daily life by "internalizing" it. For this, the education system and course programs include intensive interactive studies in every field. In this context;

1. Teaching is planned with a process and development focus.
2. Through storytelling, language games, creative drama and project works, which are methods of learning by doing and living, students spend time with the English language and are exposed to the language.
3. Only English is used as the communication language.
4. Education is enriched with interactive digital platforms and enables learning to continue outside the school.

Assessment-Evaluation and Accreditation

1. Assessment and evaluation is done with performance evaluation rubrics and project studies prepared according to the features and objectives of the program.
2. Students make a presentation in English to their parents at the end of each year.
3. Year-end progress of students is determined by the application of Trinity College GESE in 3rd and 4th grades. The application in the form of an oral interview is done individually for each student by experts from the U.K., and students are awarded a Trinity College certificate showing their level.


Effective Parent Communication

Effective Communication and Cooperation Between Our Parents and Us Ensures School Success.

Parents are the teachers of their children outside of school. For this reason, we structure the educational activities that our parents do with their children outside of school.

Research shows that the school success of children whose parents are in continuous communication with the school on a joint program and provide educational support to their children with this understanding, are higher. For this reason, one of the important components of the Primary Years Program implemented in Vizyon College is the "Visionary Parents Academy" program, which organizes the communication between our parents and their children and structures their educational activities.

We provide parent-teacher coordination with regular reports and bulletins.

The "Weekly Vision Sharing Letter" prepared for the class every week contains information about the achievements and activities of that week, and provides information to our parents about how they can support that week's schoolwork at home. With the Period Bulletin prepared at the end of each period (6-week period), details of the activities held at the school, photographs and news from the school are shared with our parents.

Potential Focused Education (POEM)

We Are Pursuing The Potential In Children.

Every child is an individual, and every individual has traits waiting to be discovered and developed. With this approach, which we call Potential Focused Education (POEM), we make the education in the "primary years program" special to the individual.

Within the scope of the primary years program, our studies aiming to reveal the potential, determine the innate tendencies and skill areas of children and provide the structuring of individual-specific education strategies centered on this pivot. In this way, the student works on his innate potential skills without difficulty, even with pleasure, develops himself, gains self-confidence and becomes successful and happy in these areas throughout his life.

A 21st century school should be sized and equipped with qualities to unlock potential in children. Vizyon College campuses are planned and built with this understanding.

The school should be of a quality that supports the potential abilities and creativity of children in terms of physical conditions and equipment. These potential abilities in children, which they may not even be aware of, emerge only by providing the necessary environments and giving opportunities. It is very difficult to discover the skill of a student's fingers without them participating in activities in a plastic arts workshop. Education and experiences in a qualified science laboratory cause a child to discover and focus on the profession they want to do in the future. Vizyon College campuses are designed in accordance with this educational approach.

Life on Campus

We thought of every detail for them in a safe, clean and environmentally friendly school.

Vizyon College campuses have been designed as a quality living space for our students and teachers. 

Time spent at school is very important in a child's life. With all the elements such as nutrition, hygiene, health and safety, we ensure that children feel at home and motivated when they are at school.

We know no limits in creating satisfaction.

Vizyon College has a management approach that perceives the campus as a living space. In our opinion, the primary purpose of logistics services on the campus is to make the living space safe, clean and useful for everyone and to ensure its continuity. All logistics services at the school are provided by prestigious and professional companies of their respective sectors and all of these services are regularly audited by Vizyon College administrators.

Happy students, happy teachers, happy parents…

We believe that the proof of being a good school is teachers, students and parents comeing to school happy. Our students and teachers love their school. We are proud that our parents tell us, "My child goes to school very happy every day, he returns very happy". Our students, teachers and parents express their satisfaction with the approach and quality of Vizyon College at every opportunity.

Coding, Robotics and Engineering Trainings

Our Coding, Robotics and Engineering Trainings Start in Primary School Years.

21st century children need more than just a standard school. 

The aim of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education, which started in the U.S. in recent years, is to integrate the standard school curriculum with the science, technology, mathematics and engineering applications that correspond to the life of the 21st century, and in this regard to raise individuals who are productive, who can think analytically and critically, who have high problem-solving skills.

It is critical for children to acquire high value skills for the goal of lifelong success.

STEM education at Vizyon College is carried out with critical thinking, collaboration, and observational science activities applied at all levels starting from primary school. This is because, STEM education has a direct relationship with life, understanding the world and creating a better world.

Thinking Skills Education

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills bring success in the 21st century, not information. Thinking is an activity that can be structured and developed through education.

Critical thinking, one of the 21st century skills that is necessary for students to acquire, is defined as logical reasoning while trying to understand something, as understanding the relationships between systems, and as being able to make difficult choices.

One of the frequently used methods for the development of Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving skills at Vizyon College is to work with mind maps.  

A mind map is used in creating, visualizing, designing and classifying thoughts, as well as in education, organization, problem solving and decision-making processes. Mind maps show semantic or other connections between information, help to organize thinking, and increase efficiency. In other words, creating a mind map is the act of seeing the big picture.

With our intelligence development program, children's attention, focus and learning skills improve.

For this purpose, we established special design workshops and content-oriented thinking skills workshops at Vizyon College campuses. The intelligence development processes of our primary school students are structured with games and activities applied according to a special curriculum.