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The Primary Years Program Holistically Structures Education From Age 3 to Grade 4.

Vizyon College first primary years program is focused on a thematic approach. Thematic approach handles concepts in a whole by bringing together and associating different disciplines within the framework of selected themes.

As part of this program, teachers and students are encouraged to look at the world that surrounds them in new and different ways. Thematic learning is also an important way to transform scientific and investigative thinking into behavior in children. Effective learning methods ensure that children realize permanent and real learning through their experiences.

Children in this age group express themselves more comfortably in an atmosphere based on positive communication and cooperation. They easily learn positive social communication skills and their self-confidence improves.

Flexa Primary Years Program consists of 6 inquiry titles.


Skill Implementing Active Learning Environments

Children explore new concepts through experiences with "effective learning".

During kindergarten, the focus of education should be to develop learning skills.

Our program, which is built on the idea that each child is special and different, aims to both, prepare children for primary school, and by following their individual development, provide them with the tool that will make them individuals who can express themselves creatively, are highly self-confident, are at peace with themselves and their environment, are tolerant, are respectful of other individuals and opinions, and are responsible individuals.

The main framework of the Vizyon College's kindergarten education program is to provide an environment to develop “effective learning” and to help children think about their actions. Daily schedule of our kindergarten program consists of cleaning, plan-do-evaluate ranking, small and large group activities, and outdoor activities.

Designed in accordance with the “High Scope” approach, our classes are divided into various activity corners. Each corner has enough space for children to play comfortably. Shelves, materials and tools in the classroom are within the reach of children. The classroom layout, which provides an effective learning environment, gives children opportunities to constantly make choices and make decisions.

Kindergarten Foreign Language Program

Kindergarten education at Vizyon College is a holistic part of the Primary School education program. Kindergarten English program is an extension of the Primary school English program. In this context, studies conducted in kindergarten groups show great similarities with the primary school program.

The Purpose of Kindergarten English program is;

  • Creating awareness of communication in another language
  • Creating sympathy towards the English language and motivation to learn;

Method of teaching English in Kindergarten;

The basic philosophy of teaching English in our school is based on the fact that language is a social entity. A student who takes an English course should enjoy doing this, see the connection of every work he does with real life, and make English a natural part of his / her daily life by "internalizing" it. For this, the education system and course programs include intensive interactive studies in every field. In this context;

1. Teaching is planned with a process and development focus
2. Vizyon College Kindergarten program implements a spiral-progressing skill development program within the framework of the same theme and target achievements, in both the mother tongue and English education. Our students perform their studies in Turkish in one half of the day and in English in the other half.
3. Through storytelling, language games, creative drama and project studies, which are methods of learning by doing and living, students spend time with the English language and are exposed to the language.
4. Only English is used as the language of communication. 5. Education is enriched with interactive digital platforms and allows learning to continue at home.


Contribution Of Campus Facilities To Education

Children experience all the advantages and privileges of studying on campus!

Kindergarten education years are crucial for children's future educational motivation and success. A qualified education requires a qualified educational environment.

One of the biggest advantages of being a kindergarten student at Vizyon College is the branch courses that are enriched with extensive campus facilities. With numerous educational areas located on our campuses, such as laboratories, art workshops, dance studios, gymnasiums, sports halls, swimming pools and outdoor sports areas, our kindergarten students experience the advantages of being educated on a campus.

Kindergarten students are able to use the sports fields on campus.

Vizyon College gives great importance to the formation and development of sports culture in students. For this purpose, the campus has both indoor and outdoor sports fields. The campus has 2 large gyms, one of which is a fully equipped sports hall and the other is a gymnasium. The sports fields in the garden are specially designed for football, volleyball, basketball and tennis lessons.

Swimming education is an important part of the kindergarten curriculum.

Our indoor swimming pool is allocated only to kindergarten students on certain days and hours of the week. Our goal in kindergarten swimming lessons is to ensure that our children enjoy and take pleasure in the sport of swimming. In addition, we aim to develop feelings of trust and teach basic swimming skills.

Branch Courses

Branch Courses

Every child is an individual, and every individual has characteristics that are waiting to be discovered and developed. With the Potential-Oriented Education (POEM) approach, education is tailored to the individual.

In our kindergarten, branch classes are practiced in all age groups. These classes are carried out within the framework of interdisciplinary cooperation with Turkish, English and Spanish activities, and the holistic development of our students is closely followed.

The main branch courses given in our kindergarten are as follows:

  • Ballet and gymnastics
  • Physical education
  • Creative drama
  • English
  • Spanish
  • STEM
  • Swimming
  • Chess
  • Music
  • Visual arts


A healthy and safe educational environment is the key to success and motivation.

We thought through every detail to create pleasure in a safe, clean and healthy school.

Vizyon College keeps the health of its students ahead of everything else and determines its measures and policies related to cleanliness and hygiene according to this principle. Our cleaning services are provided by professional teams who are internationally accredited, and hygiene control is audited by public health experts in accordance with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) standards.

Microbiological samples are taken from various units of the school and analyzed.

In this context:

  • All processes of food and nutrition services, from production to service, are controlled; hygiene control is performed by taking a microbiological sample from the hands of cooks and service workers once a week.
  • Analysis of drinking water, pool water and tap water is carried out with microbiological samples, once a week.
  • All toilets are cleaned daily and hygiene is provided.
  • All wet and dry floors in the school are cleaned with disinfectant substances.

Nutrition and health

Nutrition and health are the areas where we are most sensitive.

VAll meals on the Vizyon College campus are prepared and served by professional cooks in our specially designed kitchen.

Meal lists are created by our nutritionist based on age groups with a balanced and healthy eating understanding. All dishes use first-class, branded, and halal certified ingredients. Our kindergarten students are served 3 meals a day, including morning breakfast, lunch and afternoon breakfast, in the dining hall created specifically for them. For the health of our students, there is a fully equipped Infirmary on our campus where our school doctors and nurses work.

Our health services are not just limited to emergencies. Students are supported in any situation where they feel bad. In addition, students with chronic conditions are identified and carefully monitored by our health department, and the medication hours of students who need to take medication are carefully monitored as well.

Effective Parent Communication

Effective Communication and Cooperation Between Our Parents and Us Ensures School Success.

The Kindergarten Parent Briefing Meeting is held every year with parents of all students who will start kindergarten on the first Saturday after the start of the education period, in the school's conference room or in an area where presentations can be made. At this meeting, parents are informed on the following topics.

  • Sharing of School Life and General Operating Procedures
  • Meeting the Management and Educational Staff
  • Informing Parents on Teaching Processes

Individual Meetings

Our teachers meet with our parents individually during the first month of school's opening and every quarter term, and inform them about the student's development.

Weekly Academic Information Letters

Weekly academic information letters are shared with parents via V-Cloud. Parents learn about the work that the student will do during the week.