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Protection of Personal Data

Privacy and Data Security Policy under the Law on Protection of Personal Data

Dear Visitors and Parents;

Within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law numbered 6698, which was published in the official gazette on 07.04.2016, our institution has the title of "Data Supervisor" and continues its works to implement compliance necessary to fulfill the obligations it brings.

In this context, your personal data will be protected by Vizyon College under the mentioned law and processed within the framework of your consent during the period of your membership. Your personal data may be used by us to provide you a better service, to collect and compile statistical information and to improve our educational activities.

You can use your following rights at any time by applying to our institution, which is the Data Supervisor under article 11 of the law. Our visitors or parents whose personal data are processed within the scope of this article have the right to;

  • Learn whether his personal data is being processed,
  • If they have, request information about their processed personal data,
  • Learn the purpose of processing their personal data and whether the data is used in accordance with that purpose,
  • Know the third parties to whom their personal data are transferred, to request correction of errors in their personal data and to request this correction from the relevant third party if a transfer has been made,
  • To request the deletion, destruction or anonymization of these data in case the reasons requiring the processing of personal data disappear, and, if a transfer has been made, to request this demand to be forwarded to the transferred third party,
  • Object a negative result related to the person that has occurred as a result of the processed data, and to claim damages within the framework of the laws in case of loss due to data processing that contradicts the Law.
  • You can convey the above requests to our institution through the communication channels in the communication and contact section of our website.