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Our Founder's Message

Abdulkadir Özbek
Abdulkadir ÖZBEK

Vizyon College was founded in 2014 with the ideal of creating a school that changed the perception of Turkey about the education system in the world, after training thousands of students, teachers and parents in 81 provinces of Turkey through PDA Consultancy, which I established 15 years ago and still continues its activities.

The fact that 65% of the students who start school today will work in professions that do not exist in these times in a rapidly changing world has led to serious questions in the education systems of the world.

The fact that access to information has become very fast and easy, and with the development of technology, many professions that people occupy has been passed to software and robots, has made the change of information-oriented education in schools inevitable.

As Vizyon College, by reading this change correctly, we have implemented an education approach that focuses on developing human skills such as communication, cooperation, critical thinking and complex problem solving.

We have provided our students with skills that will be useful for them regardless of their profession, and we have achieved great success in national exams by making our students work very efficiently with technology-supported education so that they can study in the best schools and universities without ignoring the reality of exams in Turkey.

With our groundbreaking applications in foreign languages, we have become a great hope on behalf of our country to solve the problem of learning English that has not been solved for years. In addition to our resounding academic achievements, the national and international degrees we have achieved in arts and sports by revealing the potential within our students have been a source of pride for all of us.

While achieving all these achievements, the message of the founder of our Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, "It is education that makes a nation; either live in a free, independent, glorious, great society; or leaves it to bondage and misery,” gave us great inspiration. For we see no other way than raising a hardworking, honest, visionary generation with strong national and moral values ​​in order to reach the level of contemporary civilizations.

I invite you to take part in our success story, which national and international education authorities set as an example to the world, and I wish you a lifetime of success and happiness.