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Our Code of Ethics


The main purpose of writing the Vizyon College Code of Ethics; is to develop the ethical culture of the institution, to help the adoption and implementation of these rules, to guide employees on ethical behavior and to determine the standard of behavior expected from employees. "Vizyon College Code of Ethics"; are standards that define what is right, what is wrong, what is acceptable and what is not. Vizyon College Code of Ethics defines the aforementioned basic management principles that are approved by Vizyon College Board of Directors, and that regulate the relations between management levels, employees and third parties (parents, suppliers and all kinds of persons and institutions with whom the institution is in contact).


These rules cover all directors, employees and departments of Vizyon College.


Within the framework of the Vizyon College Code of Ethics, managers are responsible for communicating these rules to all employees and conducting activities in accordance with these rules. The most important asset and priority of Vizyon College is its human resources. All managers have ethical obligations to their employees.


  • Adopt as a basic principle to protect the personal dignity of their employees and all rights determined by law,
  • Create high quality, reliable and healthy working conditions for their employees, ensure their happy and productive work,
  • Shape their behavior towards their employees within the framework of respect, attach importance to the privacy of private life,
  • Do not harass their employees in any way,
  • Do not discriminate among their employees, adhere to the principle of justice and equity in all matters,
  • Try to ensure the participation of their employees in the decision-making process, and create an environment where they can express their opinions easily.


All employees of Vizyon College;

  • Comply with corporate policies, works to achieve the determined goals,
  • Protect the name and reputation of the institution in every situation,
  • Do not act in any illegal manner or act, inform the institution's management about any benefits they have been offered, or about issues they hesitate on the correctness / illegalness of, or about the presence of relatives who can benefit from their activities, do not accept gifts in any way without the approval of the administrative supervisor,
  • Do not display any attitude or behavior (aggressive behavior, threatening speech, disturbing, harassment, propaganda and promotion of political and / or religious views, etc.) that disturb the peace, trust and productivity of the work environment.

4.1. Preserving the Reputation of the Vizyon College

All employees of Vizyon College are obliged to exhibit behaviors that are not damaging to the reputation of the institution.

4.2. Protection of Institution Assets

All employees of Vizyon College must protect corporate assets and use them only for business purposes and at the same time use them efficiently.

4.3. Corporate Secrets / Privacy

One of the most important elements of our corporate assets is our knowledge. Within the framework of the principle of protecting information, we take utmost care in all operations we carry out within the institution (projects, filing - archiving, e-mail traffic, meeting speeches and minutes, documents on the table, etc.).

People working in Vizyon College can use their information (projects, reports, business research, new implementation plans, strategic goals, unpublished financial or academic information or parent / student lists, parents' wishes and requirements, parent preferences, guidelines, regulations, procedures, processes). , business habits, methods and plans, and all kinds of correspondence, documents and records, etc.) unless there is a legal and professional obligation and authorization, they cannot use it for their personal interests or the interests of persons outside the organization, and only to employees who need to know within the organization. They give the information by clearly stating that it is a corporate secret, they cannot give it to others.

Our employees' obligation to protect this information; Even if they leave Vizyon College for any reason, they continue until the information in question becomes within the knowledge of the public or until it is announced that this information is no longer a trade secret or private information.

4.4. Our Relations with Our Colleagues

All employees of Vizyon College should communicate and cooperate with each other within the framework of mutual trust and respect. Relationships between colleagues, whether they are between our employees, our managers, or our colleagues of the same level, are relationships between equals in which each individual adheres to common goals with strict principles.

4.5. Our Relations with Suppliers

We aim to ensure that our relationships with individuals and organizations that supply products, projects and services to Vizyon College are long-term and based on trust. Honesty and equality are essential in supplier relations. We do not make any discrimination based on race, religion or language in the selection of suppliers. We do not consider personal relationships. We prioritize corporate interests. We do not accept commissions or similar payments, gifts, etc. from suppliers.

  • We always meet the meeting requests of our parents - our suppliers, as soon as our time allows. We pay utmost attention to this issue.
  • We always answer the phone calls of our parents - our suppliers; We listen to them, evaluate the issue, convey the issue to the relevant person / unit when necessary, and we follow the issue.
  • We take utmost care not to keep our visitors waiting, from the very first moment we welcome and farewell them in accordance with the hospitality and culture of Vizyon College.

All the above mentioned behaviors are an absolute necessity of our corporate culture that we represent.

4.6. Our Relations with Parents/strong>

Our main principle is to provide service to our parents in the standards and conditions that we promise. As Vizyon College, we always provide accurate, clear and complete information to our parents. We adhere to contracts, always fulfill our commitments and work to ensure parent satisfaction.

4.7. Conflict of Interest

At Vizyon College, we take care to avoid conflicts of interest. Taking advantage of our current position; We do not gain personal benefit from persons and organizations with whom we have business relations personally, through our family or relatives. Apart from Vizyon College, we do not engage in business activities based on an additional financial interest. We avoid using the name and power of Vizyon College and the identity of Vizyon College for personal benefit.

In this context, Vizyon College employees;

  • Avoid causing conflict of interest or impression in favor of them or their relatives, and do not take part in the decision-making process in matters that concern their own or their relatives' interests.
  • Do not bow to pressures that may cause consequences against the institution, do not receive special benefits from parents / suppliers, and do not transfer interests by establishing an intermediary relationship between parents / suppliers.
  • Use their time and effort for the institution. They do not assume any other responsibility that may create a conflict of interest, and they cannot work with any real or legal person other than Vizyon College.
  • Cannot use the information they have obtained as a result of their duties in a way that will cause unfair gain.
  • Cannot be effective in the promotion or rewarding decisions regarding their spouses or close relatives within the institution.

4.8. Gifts That Can Be Given

While giving gifts, we pay attention to corporate culture and ethical rules. The following rules have been determined for the gifts to be given accordingly.

  • The rule of thumb is that no monetary payments or easily convertible gifts are given. However, in accordance with our traditions and customs, gifts that our employees can give due to special or general celebrations (wedding, engagement, birthday, etc.) in accordance with their status and position are excluded from this scope.
  • The value of the gift cannot exceed 250 TL. The approval of the department's top manager is required for exceptional cases.
  • The gifts given should not be intended to affect the impartiality, decision and behavior of the counterparty regarding any business, agreement, or bureaucratic transaction in which the institution is involved.

4.9. Acceptable Gifts

While accepting gifts, we pay attention to the corporate culture and ethical rules of Vizyon College. We do not request a personal payment or gift from third parties doing business with the institution and do not act in such a way. The acceptance of gifts can only be possible within the framework of the following rules, provided that it is within the framework of honesty and goodwill.

  • Our employees do not accept monetary payments in any shape or amount. This includes tools that can be easily converted into cash (gift vouchers, etc.).
  • The value of gifts that are not in the form of monetary payments can be accepted provided that they do not exceed 250 TL and are not linked to any business and agreement that concern the institution and are not given to affect our employees in these matters.
  • In case of encountering non-cash gift offers or presentations with a value exceeding TL 250, it is essential that the employee does not accept the offer in question. However, exceptionally, in case of encountering a gift that does not cause conflict of interest and is offered for a reason, such gifts may be accepted with the written approval of the administration. Written approvals are obtained from the top manager of the department. Confirmations that the gift can be accepted must be kept by the party receiving the consent.

4.10. Use of Social Media

When using social media, we take great care and sensitivity to protect both our reputation and the reputation of Vizyon College. Even if we use our personal accounts, we know that we represent Vizyon College because we work in an educational institution. For this reason, we are obliged to protect the corporate culture and brand reputation.

In this context, Vizyon College employees;

  • Act by considering the effect of a comment or share on a social media platform will have for Vizyon College as well as the effect will have on him individually.
  • Do not share any confidential information regarding Vizyon College, unconfirmed developments, music, videos, texts and images without the written permission of third parties.
  • Refrain from commenting on issues such as politics, religion, terrorism, and sexuality. They do not post to insult the institutions and organs of the state or other private organizations. They refrain from making biased comments and sharing for the sake of political advocacy or as propaganda on a particular political issue.



At Vizyon College, we always treat each other with respect. No Vizyon College employee engages in irritating, harassing behavior towards other employees, parents or suppliers, or behaves in a way that is damaging to others' property.

  • Vizyon College respects the private and family lives of its employees.
  • The institution is obliged to provide a safe, healthy and efficient working environment.
  • The institution takes due care to protect the personal information of the employees.
  • Due to continuous development, the necessary training is given to ensure that employees reach the desired performance level.
  • Everyone working in the institution is considered equal regardless of race, language, belief, age, gender, nationality, disability and other legally protected categories. Any behavior that is unwanted, unwelcome or not responded by the addressee is considered as harassment. Any behavior that is not welcomed by other employees, and that includes requests that contain a sexual message, or that causes the person to feel threatened and compromised, is considered harassment. Any aggressive and mocking behavior towards the disability of a disabled employee is also within the scope of disability harassment. In this context, all employees pay due attention to each other.



6.1. Use of Status Power in the Workplace

Abuse of status power may result from the abuse of individual power (title, physical, personal, age) or collective power (power arising from excess number) that the employee has. Responding to reasonable and logical mistakes made by the employee in an appropriate and constructive manner, evaluations made for the development of employees within the performance system, etc. are situations where the power of status is not abused.

6.2. Harassing, Targeting and Choosing a Victim

Behaviors and rumors that will cause the employee to be left alone in the organization should not be carried out, targeted, and harassing behavior that may create psychological pressure should not be pursued. Systematic and planned behaviors that aim to discourage the targeted person from their job, decrease their performance, and cause them to quit are examples of this. (For example: criticizing the private life of the employee, constantly interrupting his words in collective settings, constantly scolding them in front of other employees, ignoring their success, etc.)

Vizyon College takes all kinds of precautions to prevent these and similar behaviors from occurring and expects all employees to show maximum care.


Policies regarding the preservation of the corporate identity and traditions of Vizyon College are determined by the Board of Directors of Vizyon College Inc. and their applications are supervised. Each staff member of Vizyon College has a moral responsibility to learn and adopt these traditions closely, to fulfill their requirements and to spread these traditions to new members who join us.


At Vizyon College, quality is adopted as a way of life. It is essential that all activities are carried out in line with existing and developed quality systems and targets.


As Vizyon College, it is our basic principle to comply with the laws and all legal rules related to our activities. It is our principle to cooperate with the relevant official authorities in our activities and to act in accordance with the relevant legislation and regulations. It is our constant habit to seek the opinion of the legal counsel on matters that we consider to have a legal dimension.


Vizyon College considers contributing to the development of social life in the fields of culture, arts and education among its corporate social responsibilities.


Those who violate the Vizyon College Code of Ethics or the Institutional policies and procedures will be subject to various disciplinary sanctions that may be required to leave their jobs if necessary. Disciplinary sanctions will also be applied to those who approve, direct or have knowledge of inappropriate behaviors and acts that cause violation of the rules, and do not make the necessary notification appropriately.

Vizyon College Board of Discipline and Ethics is responsible for investigating and resolving complaints and declarations regarding violations of the Vizyon College Code of Ethics. The structure and functioning of the Board is determined by the Vizyon College Regulation of Discipline and Ethics.